Chameleon Pens 52 Set

Chameleon Pens 52 Set Review

Chameleon Pens 52 Set


If you are an aspiring artist looking to add some new tools to your markers arsenal, then you may want to invest in Chameleon pens 52 set.

These chameleon markers are unique because of the mixing chamber that is included in each pen, which allows every pen in the set to achieve various tones of similar color. With these pens, you can create amazing drawings with a seamless transition and 3D effects. Are you interested in learning more about these pens? Well, we have compiled a brief Chameleon pens 52 set review to help you learn more about this pens.


What are Chameleon pens?

These are advanced marker system that uses alcohol ink to enable you to change and modify the color tone of your chameleon pen. The 52 exciting colors produce over 100 color tones thereby enabling you to create incredible effects such as 3D, highlighting, smooth transitions, gradations, and blending, all while using a single pen. Each pen goes from lighter tones to richer tone, thereby eliminating tonal gaps in your portrait. One pen can blend several tones.

These Chameleon pens allows you to do more for less- each pen has double ends and is made of Japanese Super Soft Brush Nib and Bullet Nib. They also feature refillable quality alcohol-based ink. They leave permanent marks and are compatible with nearly all other alcohol-based inks. They are perfect for paper crafts, fine art, manga, and graphic.

The set of these chameleon pens contains 52 pens, detailing pen, blender pen, replacement nibs, and tweezers to give you the most detailed color pallet available. With different color tones within each color group, you can be able to blend as though you are using a conventional marker.


The Benefits of Chameleon pens

  • It is made of Japanese Super Soft Brush Nib and Bullet Nib which are known to be premium products.
  • They are double ended meaning that you will have two pens in one.
  • They have low odor and are non-toxic.
  • They come with professional and quality alcohol based ink.
  • They are refillable.

Chameleon pens 52 set are markers you cannot afford to miss out if you want to take your drawing to another level.


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